The Conway’s Law : Connection is Crucial

Does the way your organization Communicate affect the Design of your products or services? Yes, and that is at the heart of Conway’s Law.

Conway’s Law states that “organizations who design systems are constrained to produce designs that are copies of the communication structures within those organizations.”

Let us bring in some contextual examples. Companies like IKEA, Slack, Amazon, Mayo Clinic, Zaha Hadid Architects, Seimens and closer home, Freshworks and Flipkart – all operate with flat and agile communication systems, breaking down hierarchy and the traditional barriers between different teams. They don’t mind responsive looping based on feedback systems. And it shows in the quality of their outputs.

To create world-class products and services, focus on improving your communication structure. Should you completely overhaul your current system? Not unless you have an immediate mandate to better your designs. But even otherwise – do take a step back to assess and optimize your communication – in your team, in your organization, in your business. It can have a design level impact on your outputs.

And yes, I do have 3 dynamic pointers for you – towards a formidable design for organizational communication :

  • A move away from chain-mails and easily lost instant messages to Task Boards, visible and accessible to all stakeholders
  • A move away from meetings anytime and every time to closed slots for deep work and open slots for meetings
  • A move away from metrics filled with lagging indicators to real-time digital leading metrics tying in accountability to the system end to end

Communicate your way to better Designs.

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