Gender Speaks

As young girls, are we females taught the healthy way to release our anger ? Or to suppress it as something unseemly…?

Is that what comes back to bite some of us when we grow older and react to unfairness with anger … but soon end up in tears and totally confused how we reached from anger to sadness ?

Why are our actions so at odds with our emotions ?

So many questions ….so few answers.

Why do most men get so angry and loud when they are hurt ?

The oft repeated “Don’t cry like a girl” could be the reason ?

At a young age boys are taught not to express their pain…they have to bundle it up and hide it from the world…after all, they are men. And then it comes out in other forms. Like violence.

So who is responsible ???

The next time you are confronted with a child having an honest emotion, help them express it in their way. Guide them through the stages so they will master it slowly. On how to give in, how much to give in. When, where and with whom.  

And if you are of the generation that has not been taught these things, let me tell you a secret. There is a at least as much that we can learn from the children as we can teach them.

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  1. It’s beautiful and absolutely meaningful. It’s time that we start to introspect . This is truly the need of the hour. Very well written 👏

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