Dear Reader

That moment at the beginning of a new blog : When the Writer answers to you, the Reader, on the Whys of Writing.

Sometimes we write because there is no way to stop the words from pouring out, and we the writers struggle at making sense talking. So there is no way out but to write it out.

Sometimes we write in the angst that nothing makes sense.

Sometimes we write when we know we are evolving and learning…and we so need a journal for our journey. See? Even the two words connect…Journal/Journey. And I am at the beginning of a new journey…I am devoting time and energy to be aware of myself and others around me, to be emotionally more intelligent.

And just sometimes, there is a wild streak that only a woman at 40 knows about…she has given a lot of her years conforming, and she finally needs a room of her own.

Stay with me my Reader…and find out the wings and roots of my Whys !

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