A Trainer’s Journey

Why The Tahr Speaks

Even though we weave our journeys through difficult conversations and circumstances, avoiding conflict –

Ultimately, all conflicts have to be dealt with.

When we stare death in the face, ours or our near ones’, we realize that dealing with problems as they come is the only way to live. 

Dear Reader, if you are avoiding problems or conflicts, please take a closer look – they are going nowhere… you are accumulating them. They are in you, dis-easing your mind and your body.

Peacefully, mindfully, assertively, get them out of your system. Resolve them. Now.

Life may seem interminable, but every so often we face abrupt endings. Do not get caught out.

Though the journey be uncharted, let us live with love and light.

Yes And

Are you tired of stagnant conversations that lack momentum, trust and impact ? Look no further than the power of “Yes” and “And.” An improvisation technique taught in most drama classes, these two words need to be built into our conversations. Official, as well as personal. What are the negative impacts of words like “No”…


has started, but my days still belong to the slow and lazy winters. The calendar has turned, but not the weather. And so I say…. Wait. The Calendar saysThe year is hatching But my daysAre of depth and slownessThoughts rootedin marshy slumber.Bitter, biting windsAnd abstract sunrises. How then, am I to wish youA Happy New…

WEN Diwali

When WEN asks me to Compere their Calicut Diwali Night, I say a Yes. First off, I love the WEN community and I love the energy of Diwali. Second, compering is all about communication – and I am a communications trainer. (Though, come to think of it, all things are about communications.) Third, these days…

Conversations with Life Coaches

Two life changing conversations, with Sayali Kelkar and Josianne Robb! Life Coaches, researching their business hypotheses. On both occasions, all they asked for was my time and my stories. Time, I own enough to explore and stories, I own enough to exploit. They would collect some unbiased data for their research, and I would gather…

A Campus Training amidst the Navratri

Trained around 300 final year students from 6 graduation streams. We were a team of 3, preparing these job aspirants for employ-ability in a 10 day training program with assessments throughout. It was the IHRD College of Applied Sciences in my city, so I was all the more curious to know the local student body.…

Training with our Future Tax Inspectors

I was assigned the very challenging task of training our future Tax Inspectors and Tax Assistants on the communication aspects of their job. As a visiting faculty to the NACIN at Bangalore, I had a master key to some strong and brilliant minds. It was one of my first on-site training after the COVID debacle.…


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Journey of a Trainer.
Author is passionate about training people who wish to Align their life-skills to Achieve life goals, and in the process, Amaze themselves and the people around them.

She constantly enhances her own skills sets through deep research for her other passion, content writing.

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